The crowd-funding campaign has not been launched, but will be soon.  Some of the possible discount options for pre-purchased admission passes we may be offering are listed below.

Prices on the left represent what our normal admission rates and pass costs will be once the park opens. 
Prices on the right represent the deeply discounted special pricing we may be offering during the campaign, in order to raise the funds needed to fully open the park faster.


      Daily Admission:                                                                                    Discounted Price

        Winter                         $5                                                                              $4
​        Spring/Summer          $10                                                                            $8
        Fall                             $20                                                                            $16     

        Season Pass              $35                                                                            $30

        5 Year Carload Pass  $250 *                                                                       $100

        10 Year Carload Pass $500 *                                                                      $200

     *note - A Carload Pass will be good for stated duration, and allows for up to three visits per year, and up to six guests per vehicle(pass).
         For example, a five year or ten year Carload Pass can provide up to 90/180 total admissions over a five year period at $1.11 each.
Admission Rates and Passes