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Athlete Conditioning  . . . with a twist!

Would you start your car, and then just leave it parked in your driveway?
Would you turn on a hot shower, and then go fix a meal and/or watch TV?

Why do we WASTE so much energy getting and staying in shape, when there are positive things that could be accomplished while we are doing just that?

Do you know what a "football sled" is?  A football sled is a specially designed apparatus that football players (and other athletes) push/slide across the ground in order to build up strength and endurance.

The question that I have had for years, is why not accomplish good and beneficial things when expending energy to get in shape.

What if instead of athletes pushing a weighted sled across the ground, they pushed a gang of reel mowers instead, and mowed the lawn areas of the fields where they practice and play their games.

You think I'm joking, or perhaps just simply nuts, right? Well, I'm not. Think about it. The more resistance you need or want, the more reel mower components you add to your gang. You can have the players push slightly less weight for longer distances, simply to get in shape and build up endurance. If you want your players to push for short distances, and practice blocking techniques, you increase the weight by adding more mowers, and add the blocking pads for as many players as you have pushing the mower. Push it ten yards and rest. Back it up a foot or two, and push again.

Why?  The benefits for having your athletes mow the lawn areas WHILE getting in shape are numerous and significant.
  • Giving Back - A program such as this would provide an excellent way for our young athletes to give back to the programs they are involved with, the school districts they attend, and/or the communities they live in.
  • Decreased Mower Cost - Reel Mowers cost a fraction of what conventional blade mowers cost, and are far less expensive to service and maintain. In fact, a large gang of reel mowers would not cost much more than a traditional football sled.
  • Eliminate Fuel Costs - Not only would the cost of fuel be eliminated completely, but the costs involved with time spent purchasing the fuel, and filling up your mower tank every week.
  • Eliminate Pollution - The only emissions that a gang of reel mowers gives of is perspiration!
  • Earn Money - Athletes could not only use these gang mowers to get in shape, and give back to their community, but they could also use them to earn money for themselves, and for their sports program. They could be used to mow schools, churches, parks, golf courses, businesses, and any other large lawn areas throughout the community.
  • Better Cut -  Reel mowers cut the grass clean, which is healthier for your lawn. Blade mowers tear the grass.

Sled link 1         Sled link 2         Reel mower link 1      Reel Mower link 2
                                                                                          This link shows a 7 reel mower 
                                                                                                                                       that cuts almost ten feet per pass, 
                                                                                                                                       and only costs $1535 !!!

This idea is not limited to student athletes. Anyone who is working out to get or stay in shape could incorporate this idea.

Athletes - grade school, high school, college, olympians, even pro!  Football, basketball, soccer, swimmers, any and every athlete.

Adults - weight, heart, stamina, strength