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Here is my list of ideas related to BIRDS in Southwest Ohio.

Youth Bird Feeding Program - One of the best ways to help birds (and wildlife in general) over the long haul, is to develop an interest in birds and wildlife in our youth. One of the best and simplest ways to do that would be to set up bird feeding stations at hundreds of daycares and schools throughout southwest Ohio and beyond.  Read more here.

Mill Creek Bird Count 2018 - It is important that the Mill Creek be birded frequently to help show the amazing diversity of wildlife, even an urban waterway can attract and support.  It is crucial that the Mill Creek be birded this year, before plans to remove all of the invasive plants are launched. That will give us a baseline to compare with future bird records, to clearly demonstrate the impact invasive plant removal can have on a stream. Read more here.

Mill Creek By The Mile Project - Waterways are crucial to birds, especially during spring and fall migration. We have an amazing waterway running right down the middle of Cincinnati, but it is covered on both sides, from head to toe, with invasive plants. I have developed a plan to very painlessly remove all of the invasive plants from the shores of the Mill Creek, and begin replacing them with native plants that support our birds and wildlife.  Read more here.

Pollinator Plus Museum - For the most part it is safe to say that whatever you do to benefit pollinators will benefit birds. Not only will the museum raise awareness about pollinators and invasive plants while raising funds to create pollinator habitat and remove invasive plants, but one of the display areas in the museum will hold photos of every single species of bird that has been seen in southwest Ohio (more than 300 different species!)  Read more here.

Bird Blinds - There are at least two good reasons for putting up bird/wildlife observation blinds at key locations throughout southwest Ohio. Here are two:  Observation blinds are good for the birds, because they decrease their exposure to people, thus reducing stress. Observation blinds are great for people, because they allow people to observe birds from a much closer distance, without them flying or swimming away. Blinds can be made of wood or tarps.   Read more here.