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Conrey Road

Conrey Road Parcel is a tract of land that was donated to Great Parks back in 2006 with a concise deed restriction . . . it must be used as a public park, or be turned over to the Mayo Research Foundation.
To my knowledge it has not ever, and to this day still is not being used as a park. It is not listed on their website at all (even though they do list a few other properties that are restricted and do not have public access). There is also no signage anywhere on the property that would indicate that it is a park. It simply is not being used as a park . . . in direct violation of the deed. Not only has the property been neglected, the immensely diverse natural features of the property have in fact been abused.
Native trees and shrubs are cut down every year, while large fruit bearing devastating invasive plants are left untouched.
There is a large masonry utility building that would make a wonderful museum or nature center, but it sits unused. There is a large house that could be used as a residence for a live in caretaker, and instead it is being used to do nothing but store hundreds of boxes of financial records, that are being left in a very unsecure location.
I stumbled across this property just a few months ago in August of 2017. I immediately fell in love with the property, and began to photograph the amazing diversity of wildlife that can be found there. A few weeks later, I emailed a proposal to the natural resources manager, and copied the chief planner, and the head of the naturalist department. I asked to meet to discuss my proposal.

Instead, here is what happened:

​The last "wrong" thing they did was to go in and bush hog down most of the open meadow wildlife habitat on the property. They cut down thousands of native tree saplings, leaving jagged stubs, and deep ruts, while stripping the land of all of the seed bearing wildflowers that the birds were depending on.

​Wildlife Photos -  The the first four, the next fifteen albums or so are all of different types of wildlife that I have photographed on the property beginning August 7th, 2017.  Here are some of the albums listed individually. BirdsButterfliesWildlflowersDragonfliesMothsBeetles.

Invasive Plants - 

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Records Storage - 

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