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The expenses listed below are provided somewhat according to priority. What this means is that they are listed pretty much in the order in which they would be required.

Payroll - Since minimizing the risk of property owners is key to gaining access to the sites, most work will have to be done by employees, rather than by volunteers.  The minimum amount of payroll required to initiate worker comp is around $500 a week, therefore $1000 per week is the minimum amount of funds that will be needed to get this project started. A part-time employee paid $500 per week will cost the project about $575 per week once taxes and workers comp is factored in. Each additional full time employee will cost the project about $900 per week, assuming $20 /hr at 40 hours per week for a qualified worker.

Tools - Loppers, litter grabbers, and tree/shrub pullers will be the first tools needed, and will cost about $350 total. 

Small Equipment -  One or more chainsaws will be required at an additional cost of around $175 ea.

Large Equipment - A commercial wood/brush chipper will be essential for completing this project. Depending on what direction we go, this will cost us between $5000 and $30,000 . . . unless we get one donated.

Additional Equipment - A commercial zero turn mower with a Cyclone Rake would prove very useful, especially if we are to generate revenue and resources by picking up leaves for residents in the fall.

Vehicle - A van (or truck) would be a very useful asset to have, especially when it comes to moving equipment around, and picking up donated materials that will be used in the project.

Storage Facility - If we are to use portions of the harvested wood to manufacture niche specialty rustic furniture, then we will need a place to store the harvested wood, and construct the items for sale.