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Bird Feeder Options

There are many options for feeders, depending on what birds you want to attract, and how much money you are willing to spend. 

Here are a few . . .

Feeder Logs - Feeder logs are one of the simplest options to consider, are very easy to maintain, very effective at attracting a wide variety of birds . . . . and best of all they are free. A feeder log is nothing more than a two to four foot tall section of tree trunk stood on end. Seed is simply scattered on the top of the log each morning.

Tray Feeders - Tray feeders are also very simple to take care of, and can be purchased, or made for next to nothing. They can be mounted on top of a post, or hung from a tree or some other support.

Traditional Feeders - Traditional feeders come in a very wide range of designs, styles, and prices. Traditional feeders are generally made to hold more seed, and although they take a little more effort to fill, they usually don't have to be filled as often.

Suet Feeders - Suet is either animal or plant based fat that is used to attract woodpeckers, and many other birds. It is usually mixed with seed, which helps it attract an even wider variety of birds. Suet is typically kept in wire cages, but an old onion bag can work as well.

Tube Feeders - Tube feeders are ideal for birds that like to perch while feeding. Tube feeders are also used to hold specialty feeds such as thistle seed.

Hummingbird Feeder - There are many designs for hummingbird feeders, but usually they are clear with red and/or yellow plastic flowers. The feeders are filled with sugar water, and can be difficult to maintain if the water is not consumed before it gets old.