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Great Parks Website -  See how much you can find on pollinators, invasive plants, wildlife, wildlife habitat, albums of wildlife photos, albums of wildflower photos, albums of scenery/landscaping from throughout the district as well as directions on how to locate those areas. What are the priorities of the district as reflected on their website?   Don't let the wildlife videos fool you, they just recently made that change . . . after I began confronting them.

Ten Year Capital Needs (2017-2026) - With the new levy in place, the district's combined total revenue over the next ten years could easily top $400,000,000. Of that amount, only 4% is slated to go toward natural resources as part of capital improvements, and of that 4%, only 2% is slated for all invasives (plants and animals), while 73% is for lake dredging. $400,000,000 anticipated revenue, and only 0.1% planned to be used to combat all invasives!
Invasive plants are an environmental catastrophe throughout the district, and should in fact be the number 1 priority. To this current leadership, not a priority at all.
Here's what they say in this document:  "Forests, meadows, grasslands, brush lands, prairies and wetlands are carefully managed to enhance biological diversity of plants and animals."  That is an outright lie. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Invasive plants are destroying biological diversity throughout the park district, and the very little they are doing about it is only because of the number of people that are complaining about it. They themselves, could not care less.

Strategic Plan (2011-2016) - As taken straight from their website in 2018. Why has this not been updated? This is their main primary document that tells what their plans and priorities are for the district moving forward. Again, show me where they mention pollinators, invasive plants, wildlife, wildlife habitat, etc. ??? Where did you see it? I must have missed it.

GPHC Task Force Report (April 2016) - This was a handpicked group that was taken out to handpicked locations, and also coached in many ways. Nonetheless, the task force strongly urged that a Citizen's Advisory Board be formed. I have Googled that and cannot find anything other than this report. I've searched their web site, even looking for a different name, and find nothing. It has been almost two years . . . and I see nothing. This comes as no surprise because everywhere I look it is obvious that they want to be in control of everything, and do not want to risk having a board recommending they do things that they don't care about.

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