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GP Leadership Issues/Problems (list of 14 . . . so far)

1.Invasive Plants –  Invasive plants are by far the number one ecological disaster in natural areas throughout southwest Ohio, and it is embarrassing (or should I say infuriating), what a low priority this issue is to current GP leadership.  Learn more about this, and see concrete examples of what they have done wrong, and what needs to be done to correct their mistakes . . . click here.

2.Tree Planting – What GP current leadership is really proud of is their commitment to planting trees. Read all about how horribly they have screwed this up, and what they should have done instead . . . click here .

3.Tree Cutting –  Their response to the death of thousands of White Ash trees was a multi-million dollar mistake, and they had to use deceptive marketing to get folks to buy into their utter foolishness. Read what they did wrong, and what they should have done . . . click here.
4.Pollinator Habitat –  Pollinators and pollinator habitat is a red hot national topic, but not to our current GP leadership. See examples that proves this, and read about what we should be doing . . . click here.

5.Lavish Landscaping – Much of what is terribly wrong with Great Parks is how far off the current leadership is on what should be the highest priorities. Read all about the mistakes they have made, and the waste of money they have engaged in . . . click here.

6.Excessive Infrastructure –  GP leadership has not only created excessive infrastructure at an inordinate waste of taxpayer dollars, but it has come at great loss of wildlife habitat. Read about some of the worst examples of this taking place . . . click here.

7.Lake Dredging – I am not saying that the lakes shouldn't be dredged, but there is a lot more to this issue than what you read about or hear them talking about. Furthermore, this issue should not be such a huge high spending priority over far more urgent needs such as the removal and control of invasive plants.

8.Trail Access – Where have all of the nature trails gone? Many of the trails I walked on as a youth no longer exist. Once again we are talking about priorities, and the current leadership is bad for Great Parks and the residents of Hamilton County. Read more by clicking here.

9.Wildlife Photos –  Why is it that a district with over 20 parks covering over 17,000 acres has no photos of the amazing plants and animals that live in or visit Southwest Ohio?  Yes, technically they do have images of seven birds, and six mammals, but even those photos are very difficult to find on their web site. Read what should be available on their web site . . . click here.

10.Leadership (lack) – Great Park's leadership lacks leadership in many key areas. Read more about that . . . click here.

11. CONREY ROAD TRACT - Read all about their horrible mismanagement of this amazing property that was donated to them over twelve years ago, but isn't even on their list of parks. Read all about this prime but tragic example of mismanagement . . . click here.

12. Current Leadership Structure - Read why the current structure is a total mess, and why change is crucial moving forward . . . click here.

13. Lack of Openness - Here is a list of several examples of where current GP leadership could have and should have been far more open . . . click here.

14. Deception - Another word for deception is lie, and here is a list of times when current leadership has been less than honest in order to sway public opinion to their side . . . click here.

The bottom line to all of this is that the current GP leadership is not at all passionate about wildlife and wildlife habitat. In fact, the evidence is abundant and clear, that they not only lack passion in these areas, they actually show very little interest at all. It is all about priorities, and to have leadership over this great park district, for which wildlife and wildlife habitat simply is not a priority, is inexcusable.  Recreation is fine, fundraising and marketing skills are fine, having beautifully landscaped areas in the parks is fine, hosting all kinds of public events is fine . . . but promoting all of these far ahead of and at the expense of wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation is not fine. It is unacceptable. Using deceptive means to mislead the public into supporting your agenda is not acceptable either, and tarnishes the entire organization.

It starts at the top!    Before we get into all of the serious shortcomings of the current Great Parks leadership, we have to look at where it all begins . . . at the very top.  The district is overseen by five commissioners. Did you know that all five of the commissioner seats are appointed by ONE INDIVIDUAL?
That's right, all five Great Parks commissioner seats are filled by one person, and that my friends is a sure recipe for disaster.
Now if you were going to select five commissioners to oversee the park district, and the thousands of acres of wildlife habitat that they are entrusted to  protect and preserve, would you include two attorneys, and two marketing executives in that five?  
At the bottom of this page, I list my fourteen examples of how the current leadership team is horribly failing at fulfilling the highest priority of the mission of the park district.

Here is a summary of what the core issues are:
  • Lack of transparency, combined with deception, and lies.
  • Failure to prioritize and promote the wildlife of the park district.
  • Failure to prioritize the removal of invasive plants which are catastrophically destroying the natural areas of the park district.
  • Woeful waste and mismanagement of funds.

Yes, those are some bold claims, but I have solid proof to substantiate all of it, and most of that comes from information that they have published themselves. Much of my proof can be found by carefully looking through all of the information I have put here on my website. Much of it can be found by going out to their properties, and taking a look for yourself. I am more than happy to lead tours to many of the best (worst) examples. The remainder of my proof, I am keeping a cover on until I have achieved adequate exposure to the residents of Hamilton County. You can help make that happen, by sharing this information on Facebook, and other social media outlets. 
So far, the local media has refused to even talk to me about this at all. Sad when their (local media) fears prevent them from covering a story like this, one that the public has a right to know about. If my claims were not true, then exposing them as such would put this campaign to rest . . . but they are, every one of them, and the residents of Hamilton County need to know what is really going on in the Hamilton County Park District.

I am not saying that this leadership team has not accomplished great things in the way of providing recreation opportunities, and making the park district’s parks wonderful places to visit on some levels. They have also done an excellent job of promoting the district, or at least as far as what they feel is important. The problem is that they have prioritized these segments of the mission of the district, while sacrificing what I believe should be the first and primary mission of the district, to protect and conserve native wildlife, and the habitat that is required to sustain them. They do not even make this a close second priority, not even a distant second . . . barely any interest at all, and what little interest they have shown is no doubt due to all of the complaints they have received from visitors.

If you look closely at their website, and then look closely at their past six annual reports, and then look closely at their ten year strategic plan, and look closely at the “Ten year capital needs . . .” document that they created and used to push for last year’s tax levy increase, you will see an incredible lack of past, current or planned investment in wildlife, wildlife habitat, pollinators, pollinator habitat, and more.

You can also read and look closely at all of the news stories that were published prior to the levy being passed in 2016, most of which show repeated mis-information, sensationalism, and some outright lies.

Now granted, you will most certainly see some verbiage that relates to nature, and a fair amount of talk about the money they have spent and the programs that they offer related to nature, but a great deal of that is little more than smoke and mirrors, and their efforts to try to look good in the public’s eye, while most of our parks are wasting away.

This campaign for leadership change is not simply about the current leadership’s lack of interest (we won’t even waste words talking about passion) in wildlife and wildlife habitat. It is also about how they treated me when I first approached them in a very friendly and helpful way regarding a property they owned but weren’t doing much of anything with. Read that sad story here . . .

I tried a second time, a third time, and finally a fourth time, but by then it was obvious that the director's arrogance and utter ignorance about the pressing issues left me with no choice but to share my concerns with the public.

So, just below are my fourteen primary concerns indicating why we desperately need a change of leadership within the Hamilton County Park District. (obviously some links are to pages that have not been finished and published yet.

​Plus, I am holding back a lot of crucial information, because they're no doubt going to be scrambling to try to cover some of their tracks. Need to have a bunch of major bombs to drop later, once I have more people helping me with this campaign. Don't worry though, I've downloaded everything I can . . . and have made screen shots of almost every page on their website. Let them start putting bandaids on the situation by trying to hide stuff. I'll be more than happy to point that out.
Change in Hamilton County Park District leadership desperately needed!!!

The residents of Hamilton County need a park district leadership team that cares about and prioritizes wildlife and wildlife habitat. Time for change is long overdue . . . we must act now! 
If you truly support the Hamilton County Park District, and wildlife conservation as a whole, then you must stand with me, and call for a replacement of the current leadership team.

We can still have all of the amazing recreational opportunities we have now . . . and more, but first we must protect the land, and the wildlife it supports! Plus, we need leadership that does not purposefully and repeatedly mislead and deceive the residents of Hamilton County, and waste millions in tax dollars. We need leadership that is totally open and transparent, and has their priorities straight.

There is yet a great deal more information to be added to this site, along with numerous photos and videos that detail the serious disconnect that Great Parks leadership has with wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation. 

In case you are wondering why I am taking what some might see as a strong, and even harsh approach, there are several reasons combined.

1. They are doing a terrible job of managing the natural areas of the park, many of which are now overrun with catastrophically invasive non native plants.

2. They repeatedly use their strength in marketing to mislead and deceive the public in many ways, and of course one of these is by convincing people that they are doing a good job of protecting that which has been entrusted into their care.

3. Not only do they show no true passion for wildlife, they actually show very little interest in it. This is very clearly demonstrated both in the information I have collected from their website, published documents, and news articles, in spending priorities, and by the current condition of the natural areas of the parks.

4. I first tried to approach them with a friendly offer to help them with a property that they own, but are not currently using as a park. Their response to me was utterly disrespectful, and included them sending out a worker to bush hog down a large patch of Swamp Milkweed that had Monarch caterpillars on it and was still forming seed pods. You can read some of the rest of that story here (even more yet to come), and can see the collection of wildlife photos I started since first stumbling across the property just this past August. (Conrey Wildlife . . . albums 6 through 21). 

Current leadership must be replaced. The need is urgent, and immediate. I care too much, and saw no other choice.

Beginning soon, I will be leading tours to point out some prime examples of some of the problems. I will also be making myself available for TV, radio, and newspaper interviews, as well as being fully prepared to publically debate anyone (including GP leadership) on this subject. And yes, I have lots of awesome ideas and recommendations on how the Hamilton County Park District can truly become great . . . more on that later.