South Carolina
(By Counties)
There are three primary issues regarding the current GP leadership's creation of excessive and lavish infrastructure. They are as follows:

  • Habitat Loss - When they add paved roads, parking lots, and large expanses of mowed grass, it comes at a great price of lost natural habitat.

  • Initial Cost - A lot of money goes into creating these low priority infrastructure projects, especially since they have spent very lavishly on most of them.

  • Maintenance - Once these expensive infrastructure projects are created, they have to be maintained, and this again comes at a great cost that takes away funding that could be used on protecting and conserving natural areas.

How can it be ok for a park district to show a repeated tendency to spend lavishly on low priority infrastructure projects, when they are spending next to nothing on the highest priority of all, which is to conserve the native wildlife habitat? ​
Short answer . . . it's not!