South Carolina
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A great deal more will be added to this page including links to images that support what is being said. For now, here are the three biggest issues I have with the landscaped portions of the park district.

  • Lavish, expensive landscaping:  Go to any of the main areas of the parks such as the harbors at Winton Woods, Sharon Woods, and Miami Whitewater, as well as all of the golf courses that district owns and maintains, and you will see that a great deal of money has been spent creating and maintaining these landscapes. That in and of itself would not be such a big deal were it not for the woeful lack of spending that has taken place on wildlife habitat conservation. That is like putting a fresh coat of paint and landscaping the yard of a home that has a leaky roof and mold growing in the basement.
  • Non-native Plants: My second issue with these ridiculously lavish landscaped areas is the unbelievable lack of native plants being used. And sadly enough, even when a "nativar" such as Low Grow Sumac is used, it is the non-fruit producing sterile male plants that contribute nothing significant to native wildlife. That is called "pretending".
  • Invasives: Sad to say, but the district even has devastatingly invasive Callery Pear trees planted in at least two of their primary landscaped areas. Not only are these trees producing large amounts of fruit that are contributing to this growing epidemic, but they even have commemoration plaques at the base of a number of these trees. This only shows how woefully out of touch the district's leadership is, and how ignorant they are about the things that matter most!   See album here.

More to come on this subject . . . much more.!!!