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See photos below of some of the birds I have observed at different locations along the Mill Creek.

Mill Creek Bird Count 2018

There are several very good reasons as to why it is important to do a comprehensive bird count all along the Mill Creek in 2018.

First of all, establishing more complete records of the birds that can be observed along the full length of the Mill Creek will help raise awareness about this local natural resource treasure. The more evidence there is of the amazing wildlife diversity this creek holds, the more interest there will be in doing even more to protect it, and clean it up. 

Second, the more people there are that take an interest in the Mill Creek, the easier it will become to garner support for upcoming projects, such as invasive plant removal.

Third, we need to have baseline data of what birds live on or visit the Mill Creek now, so that we can compare it to future data after invasive plants have been removed, and replaced with native plants. This data can then be used in support of other similar creek and river restoration projects in the area and beyond.

I would like to see three things happen this year.

  • 1. One specific day for a 2018 Mill Creek Bird Count. May 5th or May 12th would coincide with when I was observing the greatest species diversity along the Mill Creek last year, but I am open to other dates and suggestions.
  • 2. A full eight day stretch of heavy birding along the Mill Creek from May 5th through May 13th. This will allow others to participate who could not be involved on the actual day of the primary count.
  • 3. I would like to see the entire length of the Mill Creek birded throughout the year this year to establish a more complete baseline to compare with future data.

Here are some photos I took of birds along the Mill Creek over the past year: