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Pollinators Plus
Museum & Pollinator Habitats
Pollinator Plus Museum
The Pollinator Plus Museum will be opened in an existing commercial building, with most if not all of the displays constructed with re-purposed materials.  One of the primary goals will be to create the most amazing attraction possible, at the absolute lowest cost imaginable. Do not believe for one second that it will be trashy and/or cheap. Many local businesses have valuable materials to donate, especially as inventory time approaches.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Pollinator Plus Museum will be to help raise awareness of the importance pollinators play in our lives, as well as the many threats they now face. An equally important purpose of the museum will be to generate revenue for creating pollinator habitats and controlling invasive plants throughout the area. Up to 100% of all revenue generated from daily museum admission passes sales will go toward creating pollinator habitat and controlling invasive plants. Since many of the resources used to create these habitats will be available at zero cost, funds raised will go a long way. Additional funding streams will cover the operating expenses of the museum.

Features: The museum will hold a collection of displays that will provide images, illustrations, and detailed information about the crucial roles that pollinators play in our lives, and the many extreme threats that they face. Along with these pollinator displays there will be an assortment of fascinating items on display including fossils, natural artifacts, Indian artifacts, and other collectibles. (see partial list below). One section of the museum could hold photographic images of all of the bird species that have been observed in Hamilton County.

Target Market:The museum will be open and available to local residents, but it will be primarily marketed to tourists and guests of local hotels.

Planned displays and current available display items:

  • Pollinator Section - One of the primary sections of the museum will include numerous displays describing what pollinators are, why they are crucial to our very existence, and detailed information about the many serious threats they face. This section will display images and information about all of the different kinds of pollinators, and many examples of each kind.
  • Invasive Plants Section - One of the greatest threats to pollinators in our area are invasive plants. Another primary section of the museum will provide detailed information about invasive plants, why they are a problem, what can be done about them, and which ones are found in southwest Ohio. 
  • Birds Of Southwest Ohio - There will be a section in the museum that contains images of over 300 bird species that have been observed in southwest Ohio. Additional information will be provided that will detail when they are most likely to be seen, where they are most likely to be seen(habitat, location, etc.), as well as other interesting facts about each bird species.
  • Fossils - We currently have two substantial collections consisting of fossils from Ohio, and from South Carolina. We also expect to have additional fossils made available from private collections either by donation, or on loan. The image below represents but a portion of the South Carolina collection that will be owned by the museum and on display.
  • Rocks Of Southwest Ohio - Glacial activity of the past has brought hundreds of different kinds of rocks to our are from hundreds and even thousands of miles away. Southwest Ohio is a melting pot of rock types, and many of these interesting and beautiful rocks will be on display in the museum.
  • Model Ship Collection - Displays like this will both help bring in visitors to further raise awareness about pollinators and generate more revenue for the program, not to mention making a visit to the museum more interesting and rewarding. Every ship in each of these photos is different, and two of the largest ships in the collection have not been photographed yet.
  • The Betty Boop Collection - Betty Boop has become an American icon, and this collection will be one of if not the largest in any museum anywhere in the United States. Every item in each of these photos is different, and some additional items have not been photographed yet.
  • Also . . . !!! - Who knows what other fascinating items will be made available for display in our museum. You might have something sitting in your home or attic collecting dust that people would love to see. We will be accepting donations for display, but will also be excepting loans of artifacts and collectibles. All displays will be heavily secured, and well insured.

We also are currently having conversations with collectors who own other items of significant interest such as Indian artifacts, that may ​be made available for display by donation or loan.  There is no telling what other items will become available once word about this amazing project gets out.