Poln8rsPlus Pollinator Park Philosophy 
The Pollinator Park will be founded on core principles such as integrity, radical resourcefulness, and striving for a positive environmental footprint. The primary philosophy of the Pollinator Park will be operating under a Win Win Win mentality. What this means is that we will always seek the most benefits from everything we do or create.


Pollinator Park – The park itself will provide habitat for wildlife, will be an education and research station, will generate food, will generate plants (perennial native wildflowers), will generate revenue, will boost the local economy, will increase nearby property values, and will be a demonstration site for all types of solar power (electric, heat, cooking, drying, etc.).

Vehicles and Equipment – All vehicles and equipment will be powered by electricity and utilized in as many different ways as possible. This goes beyond multiple use, and will also apply to multi-tasking.

Roofs – A roof provides shelter from rain, but it can also be used to generate power (electricity and/or heat), provide shade, facilitate harvesting rainwater, and when insulated helps to keep heat in or out.

Paths - Paths between all of the beds of wildflowers and berries will provide clear easy access to viewing the plants and all of the critters they attract, and for berry picking. The paths will also be heavily fertilized to increase the amount of vegetation they produce, which will be harvested and used as mulch on all of the beds.

Pond – The pond stores water, but it is also an aquatic habitat for wildlife that can provide both food, and recreation.

Grape Vines – Grape vines will be planted to support native wildlife, to produce food, and possibly produce revenue for the park. To conserve space, they will only be planted where they will also provide needed shade and/or screening.

Funding Sources – The Pollinator Park will rely on multiple funding sources and revenue streams. These will include admission passes, plant sales, sponsors, grants, and we will be shooting video footage to create a documentary of the whole process of developing the site, from beginning to end.