South Carolina
(By Counties)
I have a great deal to put here including information, images, and awesome ideas.

For now let me just ask two simple questions:

1. Where has current GP leadership planted any Milkweed in the district. I know of four locations where it naturally occurs, where they cut it down in mid season, even when it has Monarch caterpillars on it, and/or is still forming seed pods. Where in the district have they planted any true dedicated pollinator habitat, other than Glenwood Gardens and Shaker Trace Nursery?  I'm not talking about native meadow restoration (which they do a poor job of anyway), but I'm talking about sites that are well maintained to attract and support pollinators.

2. Where on their website . . . or in their last six annual reports . . . or in their strategic plan . . . or in their ten year capital needs plan, or in any news articles do they talk about pollinators, pollinator habitat, or Monarch Butterflies?