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Project Time Frame

Understandably, the time frame for this project will be contingent on the amount of funding available to get the job done. Available funding will determine what equipment will be available, and how many people will be working on the project.  How automated will the work be?  Will we chip everything, or save larger diameter pieces for custom specialty furniture manufacturing?  Will we simply pile the brush?  These are questions that can only be answered once the project is underway, and begins to gain momentum.  Still, we can break things down in several ways.

1. I am committed to staying with this project for a minimum of five years.  I will be willing to turn over complete control to another agency in as little as two years, if that's what is best for the long term ongoing maintenance of the project. 

2. Acreage - based on an estimate of an average of fifty feet (of vegetation) on each side of the creek, multiplied by nearly four miles in length, the total acreage being cleared and replanted will be around 40 to 45 acres.

3. Length - at just under four miles of Mill Creek, the total length of creek frontage (including both sides) will be just under 8 miles. Broken down, that amounts to about 14,000 yards, or 42,000 feet of frontage on the Mill Creek.

4. Time Frame -  If we clear and process just fifty yards of frontage per day, working an average of five days per week, the entire project would be completed in two years. If we clear and process at least 100 yards per day, we can finish in one year or less.