Poln8rsPlus Pollinator Park Planned Features
This first of its kind Pollinator Park is going to blow you away! Check out our list of features and attractions we are planning:

Native Wildflowers - We will have ten to fifteen acres of perennial native wildflowers planted in 3 ft. wide beds, with 5 ft. wide mowed paths in between each bed.  Figure one mile of flower beds and one mile of paths per acre. There will be at least five full acres blooming this summer and fall(2021), and we will be at full capacity by 2022.

Fruit Orchard - We will have ten to fifteen acres of pick your own harvestable fruit (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and Muscadine grapes). We will plant early, mid season, and late producing varieties to have fruit available all season long.

Vegetable Garden - There will be a large one to two acre vegetable garden where Pollinator dependent produce will be raised. 

Camping - We will have a large campground area so that scouts, church youth groups, and others traveling from outside the county will have a place to stay before returning home if they so choose.

Pond - There is currently a two acre stocked pond on the property. We may enlarge it, and add several features such as floating islands of flowers, and a pontoon ferry for visitors to pull themselves across the pond. Fishing will be permitted with special pass.

Native trees and shrubs - We will be planting Sumac, Elderberry, and many other native shrubs, along with as many native trees that are known to grow in this area as possible.

Star Gazing - This location is currently an excellent dark sky location. Cement pads for setting up telescopes will be located in a designated portion of the park.

Nature Center - As soon as funds are available (admissions and plant sales) we will begin construction of a nature center/museum with gift shop.  The upper floor of this structure will provide housing for park staff, so it will be a priority.

Parking - Having adequate all weather parking for visitors will also be a priority.  We will however also be providing incentives for visitors to arrive in full cars to help minimize the number of parking spaces needed.

Sustainability/Off Grid - The vision for this park is to have it entirely utility free. That includes electric, heat, water, and sewer . . . without the need for a well or septic system.  We will be demonstrating various methods of solar heating, solar cooking, water purification, composting toilets, and more. Eventually even all of our vehicles and equipment will be electric, including our lawn mowers.

For The Birds - We will have special bird feeding stations and nesting boxes scattered throughout the property.

Vehicle Tours - When funds become available, we will purchase a 23 passenger electric powered tram so that elderly and disabled individuals can explore portions of the park, including some of the wildflower beds. This electric vehicle will also be used as a utility/work vehicle for hauling plants and mulch material, so it will be a high priority.

Mushroom Farm - Just for fun we will have a designated area for growing edible native mushrooms.

Night Wildlife Observations - I will have a sheet with UV and White lights illuminating it to attract, observe, and photograph moths and other critters that land on it.  Night headlamp walks will also take place during the summer.

Wildlife Photography/iNaturalist - All plants and animals that inhabit or visit the park will be photographed{see some of my wildlife photos here}, and recorded on iNaturalist.

Biodiversity -  We will continue to add native plants that are (or used to be) found in this area to create and attract the greatest diversity of wildlife as possible on a property of this size. Non invasive introduced plants will be allowed to grow, but invasive plants will not be tolerated. 
Note*   There will be no pesticides or herbicides used on this property, neither chemical or organic.