Poln8rsPlus Pollinator Park Location
The Poln8rsPlus Pollinator Park is being developed on a 56 acre tract that sits just east of Calhoun Falls, SC, and only a couple of miles from Calhoun Falls State Park.

Google Earth view:  {Click Here}  This view shows the property divided into sections where current and future features will be located.

Google Maps:  Here I have pinpointed the middle of the property.  You can zoom out and see where the property is situated.

YouTube Video: This video starts out looking to the trees(right edge of screen) that are at the property boundary to the northwest.  The narrow line of trees you see in front of you as you pan to the left is only the middle of the property. 60% of this land sits behind those trees.  Looking down the county road, those trees in the distance mark the southeast boundary of the property.

Distance and travel times:

Asheville, NC          2 hrs 30 min (124 miles)
Athens, GA -               1 hr 7 min (50 miles)
Atlanta, GA -              2 hrs 20 min (127 miles)
Augusta, GA -            1  hr 25 min (65 miles)
Charlotte, NC -          3 hrs             (160 miles)
Charleston, SC -        3 hrs 45 min (204 miles)
Clemson, SC -             1 hr 11 min (50 miles)
Columbia, SC -           2 hrs 10 min (107 miles)
Greenville, SC -         1 hr 20 min ( 60 miles)
Macon, GA -               2 hrs 38min (130 miles)

Even Chattanooga and Knoxville TN are right around 4 hours away!